12 Basic Tips to Be Safe - From Silvar Newspaper

12 Basic Tips to Be Safe 


1. BE AWARE and notice anything out of place or unusual. Be suspect of everyone. 


2. Walk erect and proud to detour criminals. Don’t act like a victim! 


3.Have your cell phone set to dial 9-1-1, local dispatch or family. 


4. Be very loud; scream and run!!! 


5. Carry pepper spray, a flashlight or a Taser in hand. 


6. When walking/going to your car or office: • Only walk and park in well-lit areas. • Keep your keys in your hand as you approach your door or car. • Always lock your car doors. Before you unlock your car door, look in the back seat. • Don't leave valuables in plain sight in your car. It only takes 17 seconds for someone to break into a car. Best to lock valuables, like purses or wallets in the trunk. 


7. Avoid confrontation; don’t engage! 


8. Think fast! Use your knowledge and strength to your advantage. 


9. Always meet a client for the first time in the office, or in a public place and get their ID. 


10.Dress conservatively when showing a property. Do not wear overly expensive clothes or jewelry. Dress professionally instead of provocatively. Wear shoes you can run in. 


11.Don't provide too much information about yourself. 


12.Social media is increasingly becoming a tool used by criminals to track their prey. Be careful announcing your open houses. Would-be criminals know where you are.